Feature: Chris in a German municipal forest on the SAF Tour, wearing the traditional German Forester’s Tracht (uniform) she inherited from her East German forester friend Christine Neise.

Selected Articles

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Since I started freelancing in 1980, I’ve written more articles for magazines, journals, newspapers, Alternet and other online pubs, brochures, handouts, and fly-by-night alternative rags than anyone would want to read. Below are some that don’t cause me to cringe uncontrollably upon re-reading. My focus even in travel articles has been wildlife, biodiversity, habitat loss, the value of old-growth forests against climate change, carbon forestry, respect for and reciprocity with nature, the incalculable value and basic misunderstanding of public lands as a commons, the stupidity of historical land use and its consequences today, and how we don’t learn from history. Every year it gets harder to be hopeful.