Contemplating a Cougar Comeback: a Bioregional Venture into Carnivore Country

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Featured: Contemplating a Cougar Comeback - Full Page

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“Contemplating a Cougar Comeback:  a Bioregional Venture into Carnivore Country” was published in Orion Afield, winter 2000-01.

“‘So THE MORAL OF THE STORY,’ said wildlife tracking instructor Susan Morse, ‘is always save some of your shit.’ We clustered around her to gaze at the item under discussion, which looked like a hairy Tootsie Roll. White petals of wild cherry blossoms flurried around us. Despite the mid-April date of this tracking workshop, snow lurked in the clouds and the wind. We hoped it would manifest itself and, like a Cliff Notes Guide to Reading the Forest, allow the secret code of animal comings and goings to be embossed on a white sheet at our feet. Only then could we realistically expect to see sign of a cougar.”