A moss mantled tree trunk in the forest View of mountains and valley from a rock scramble - Slider/Cover image Chris enjoying a tree swing by the water - Slider/Cover Image Red foliage next to green fuzzy moss - Slider/Cover Image Mossy forest path - Slider/Cover image Bright red toadstools - Slider/Cover Image Little mushrooms growing in a hollow tree - Slider/Cover image Cool green forest with patches of thick, soft moss - Slider/Cover image An orange salamander on a moss and lichen covered log - Slider/Cover Image A fallen, mossy log amongst vibrant green ferns - Slider/Cover image Bear Tracks - Little Dry Run, WA - Slider/Cover Image

Chris Bolgiano, Mildly Amusing Nature Writer

Humor as Nature's Preferred Survival Technique

"Climate change and the Corona virus reveal the massive-to-microscopic scales at which humanity is disrupting Nature. Protecting and expanding forests can balance the scales, because forests answer that most fundamental of questions: 'What does Nature want?'"--CB

Chris next to two tall joined oak trees