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Concepts of Cougar

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“Concepts of Cougar” was published in the Wilderness Magazine, summer 1991.

“In the beginning was the lion. Images of leonine power are as ancient as the first scratchings on cave walls and as ambigu­ous as the Sphinx. Lions roam through the Bible, emissaries sometimes of God, sometimes of the Devil. From Aristotle’s attempts at empirical description to the fanciful symbolism of medieval bestiarists, the lion […]

The Lure of the Lion

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“The Lure of the Lion” was published in the The Washington […]

Mountain Lion: An Unnatural History of Pumas and People

Mountain Lion: An Unnatural History of Pumas and People, published by Stackpole Books, 1995.

Mountain Lion: An Unnatural History of Pumas and People examines the interactions between cougars and people across North America through the millennia.

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“I consider Mountain Lion an absolute must for my library.  As a book about America’s lion, this is an astonishing piece of research, well told.  But it is more than that; it’s a book about us – about […]

Contemplating a Cougar Comeback: a Bioregional Venture into Carnivore Country

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“Contemplating a Cougar Comeback:  a Bioregional Venture into Carnivore Country” was published in Orion Afield, winter 2000-01.

“‘So THE MORAL OF THE STORY,’ said wildlife tracking instructor Susan Morse, ‘is always save some of your shit.’ We clustered around her to gaze at the item under discussion, which looked like a hairy Tootsie Roll. White petals of wild cherry blossoms flurried around us. Despite the mid-April date of this tracking […]