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  • Presentation: A Sedimental Journey: Tracking Historic Dirt Downstream

    Presentation: A Sedimental Journey: Tracking Historic Dirt Downstream

    bank of the Smith Creek
    Does this bank of Smith Creek in the Allegheny Mountains of Virginia look “natural” to you? Far from it, as its land use history proves.

    Using archival photos and my forest forensics photos of clues to the history of my own beloved woods – and far beyond – I presented …

  • Author’s Chat: Corridors for Wildlife, at Barren Ridge Vineyard

    Sitting with fisheries biologist Paul Bugas at the patio of Barren Ridge Vineyard.

    Participated in an “Author’s Chat,” (not recorded) with Paul Bugas, at Barren Ridge Vineyard, cohosted by Stone Soup Books of Waynesboro.  A major topic was the increasing interest in developing habitat corridors to save wildlife – and …

  • Reading: Grateful Dead-heading

    I read my essay, “Grateful Dead-Heading, A Gardener’s Revelation,” from the book Better With Age, to students in a Lifelong Learning Institute course taught by book editors Bob Bersson and Jack Greer. 

    You can read the essay here. 

  • Presentation: Forests for Life

    Presentation: Forests for Life

    Shenandoah Mountains - Full Size
    View eastward from the VA-WV state line. Despite appearances, forests are not endless and need protection from poor logging practices, especially mature and old forests.

    Presented “Forests for Life” to the American Association of University Women, at Bridgewater Retirement Community (not recorded).  …