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Forests Are Our Future

Opening Keynote Speech at Penn State University’s Forest Landowner Conference, March, 2019.   

Mountain view near PA-WV line
Mountain view near PA-WV line

The invitation to open this large and prestigious 2-day conference was dangerously flattering.  Not only did it give me the opportunity to visit my revered PA friend and writer, Marcia Bonta, and her …

Forests of the Southern Appalachians: Repairing the Past, Defending the Future

The theme for the 2020 annual conference of the Appalachian Studies Association was “Appalachian Understories.” Conference announcements cited, somewhat vaguely, the “Mother Forest.”  This was nice to see because the globally unique Southern Appalachian forests don’t receive much recognition, especially the world-class national forest commons.  Yet these nearly contiguous six million acres …

Repairing the Past, Defending the Future

I was invited to be on the Global Climate Commons Panel at the 2020 annual meeting of the Appalachian Studies Association in Lexington, KY.  By the time the meeting was cancelled due to covid-19, I’d already prepared this Powerpoint, which James Madison University then kindly taped.

A Sedimental Journey: How Historic Deforestation Degrades Waterways Today
home welded wench
Not a modern art sculpture but a home-welded winch in my woods left over from the 1880-1930 era of massive deforestation.

 I was invited to give this presentation by my watershed group, Friends of the North Fork Shenandoah River.  In “A Sedimental Journey: How Historic Deforestation Degrades Waterways Today,” I …

Presentation: Forests for Life
Shenandoah Mountains - Full Size
View eastward from the VA-WV state line. Despite appearances, forests are not endless and need protection from poor logging practices, especially mature and old forests.

Presented “Forests for Life” to the American Association of University Women, at Bridgewater Retirement Community (not recorded).  …

Author’s Chat: Corridors for Wildlife, at Barren Ridge Vineyard
Sitting with fisheries biologist Paul Bugas at the patio of Barren Ridge Vineyard.

Participated in an “Author’s Chat,” (not recorded) with Paul Bugas, at Barren Ridge Vineyard, cohosted by Stone Soup Books of Waynesboro.  A major topic was the increasing interest in developing habitat corridors to save wildlife – and …

Presentation: A Sedimental Journey: Tracking Historic Dirt Downstream
bank of the Smith Creek
Does this bank of Smith Creek in the Allegheny Mountains of Virginia look “natural” to you? Far from it, as its land use history proves.

Using archival photos and my forest forensics photos of clues to the history of my own beloved woods – and far beyond – I presented …